Oracle Apex Page Button Click the New Window Open Script

Basically the Apex Page button not opened the new window, but which is possible

JavaScript code is used to open the new window‘f?p=&APP_ID.:1001:&SESSION.:::1001:P1001_CPY_ID,P1001_M_ID,


Uninstalling oracle apex

Please follow by the below steps and uninstall oracle apex in your oracle db.

  1. Open the cmd prompt and assign your apex  folder like below
  2. c:\> cd C:\dev_apex\apex (Place your apex setup folder here)
  3.  type the below command

$ sqlplus /nolog

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Fri Apr 6 14:07:26 2012

Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle. All rights reserved.

SQL> connect / as sysdba
SQL> @apxremov.sql

When the script executed without errors, you should see the following message at the end:

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

…Application Express Removed

This is the process to uninstall oracle apex from your system.




Display Date and time format in oracle apex using javascript

This code is show the current date and time

Date.prototype.getFromFormat = function(format) {
    var yyyy = this.getFullYear().toString();
    format = format.replace(/yyyy/g, yyyy)
    var mm = (this.getMonth()+1).toString(); 
    format = format.replace(/mm/g, (mm[1]?mm:"0"+mm[0]));
    var dd  = this.getDate().toString();
    format = format.replace(/dd/g, (dd[1]?dd:"0"+dd[0]));
    var hh = this.getHours().toString();
    format = format.replace(/hh/g, (hh[1]?hh:"0"+hh[0]));
    var ii = this.getMinutes().toString();
    format = format.replace(/ii/g, (ii[1]?ii:"0"+ii[0]));
    var ss  = this.getSeconds().toString();
    format = format.replace(/ss/g, (ss[1]?ss:"0"+ss[0]));
    var ampm = (hh >= 12) ? "PM" : "AM";
    format = format.replace(/ampm/g, (ampm[1]?ampm:"0"+ampm[0]));
    return format;
var time_var = $('#899_TIME');
var myVar = setInterval(myTimer, 1000);
function myTimer() {
    var d = new Date(); 
    var date = d.getFromFormat('dd-mm-yyyy hh:ii:ss:ampm');

Negative Value Highlight Table Cell in Oracle Apex

		$(document).ready(function () {

			$('td').each(function () {

				var cellvalue = $.trim($(this).text());
				if (cellvalue.substring(0, 1) == '-') {

  • Copy the code and paste the code for Execute When Page Load or maintain custom js file
  • Write the inline css or custom css file, class name is red_color ie :
  • Save the Page and run, you will get the negative value highlight

ORA-20001: Unable to refresh template, parent template not found.

My Universal Theme “Subscribed From” says – “Nonexistent Master”. How to upgrade to 5.1

when I do “Refresh Theme”, I get following error.

  1 error has occurred

  ORA-20001: Unable to refresh template, parent template not found.



1. Export the application as a back-up.

2. Export the app’s existing version of theme 42 (Universal Theme).

3. Re-import this copy of the theme as a custom theme (if there are no other custom themes it will be theme 101).

4. Switch themes from 42 to 101 (or whatever the custom theme number is), ensuring that the template classes are correctly matched.

5. Test the app is working and looks as expected.

6. Delete theme 42.

7. Recreate theme 42 from the Theme Repository.

8. Switch themes from 101 to 42, ensuring that the template classes are correctly matched.

9. Test the app is working and looks as expected.

10. Export the application as a back-up (don’t overwrite the previous export, in case anything untoward becomes apparent later).